Digital Jargon Buster

Digital Jargon Buster

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Posted In: Hidden by weareboutique, 15th May 2015

When it comes to marketing and communications, tech talk reigns supreme.


Over here at Boutique, it’s near impossible to hold a conversation without the odd acronym or buzzword making an appearance – it’s part of the parcel when you position yourselves as experts. Of course, not everyone can be expected to know their UIs from their UXs, which is why we’re always quick to translate the technical jargon into something more straightforward and digestible (link juice is a much nicer way to describe the equity collected by a site via links from external sources, after all).


But what if you’re caught off-guard by a marketing acronym, a PR catchphrase or strange SEO gobbledygook? For those less familiar, we’ve put together the first in our series of jargon busters; this time around, digital takes centre stage, with every expression that could ever puzzle you, from 301 and 302 errors through to Webmaster Tools and XML sitemaps.


We Are Boutique’s Digital Jargon Buster

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