Getting Ready for GDPR

Getting Ready for GDPR

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Posted In: Hidden, Uncategorised by weareboutique, 10th April 2018

If your organisation uses personal data from EU citizens, then you should be aware that GDPR comes into effect on May 25th, 2018.


It’s an important regulation that will help improve relationships between companies and consumers and will benefit those who want better control of their personal data.


What you can and can’t do with data will be much clearer, and your data will be more relevant and more up to date – which can only mean good things for your business.


Not only will your marketing benefit from better insights and clearer analysis, but your customers or clients will find it easier to trust you.


While GDPR might seem complex, the overarching message is that it is designed to make everyone’s lives easier when it comes to personal data.


So if you’re considering where your company stands in terms of compliance to GDPR, then you’re in luck. Our short and sweet 12-step guide to preparing for May 25th summarises the guidelines from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), so you can make sure your marketing communications and customer database are in order.


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