Kitchen Market Insight Report

Kitchen Market Insight Report

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Posted In: Hidden by weareboutique, 23rd February 2018

Did you know that some weeks there are over 400 hours of cooking programmes on TV alone? Add that to Google searches, social feeds and the nation’s favourite magazines, and the opportunity to influence is profound. We’re no stranger to helping brands leverage these opportunities across broadcast, print and digital avenues to reach and connect with their audience.


Our team has worked with everything from whole kitchen manufacturers to extractor fan retailers, and support has spanned from short-burst product launches to long-term brand building. We work across media, digital and PR so we are experts in each channel’s use and value for your customer.


We don’t just understand your industry; we’re obsessed with it. We work with clients in sectors that we can really get our teeth in to, and we won’t rest until we’ve nailed it. Understanding trends and spending habits feeds our fire.


Consumer spending habits, the purchase cycle, competitor spend, home improvement trends, Google’s influence… from Mintel reports to our own thoughts, we’ve condensed it all into a doc designed to spark ideas and prompt questions about your own marketing strategy and tactics.


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