Leveraging your event sponsorship

Leveraging your event sponsorship

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Posted In: Hidden by weareboutique, 30th January 2018

Exhibiting at an industry show or event is a valuable opportunity to put a client directly in front of their target audience, allowing them to not only engage with potential customers but also scope out the competition.


When budget allows, sponsoring such events provides mass exposure across channels not only at the show, but in the run up and afterwards, increasing opportunities for coverage and engagement with the brand.


Understanding the value of shows and exhibitions for our clients means we can leverage sponsorship opportunities to ensure communications surrounding the event are working hard for the client.


Utilising full service comms means that when our clients sponsor events and exhibitions, they don’t just get the bare minimum from the sponsorship. We ensure that comms are fully aligned across channels, offering support across social media, email marketing, web content and all other customer-facing collateral.


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