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Posted In: Uncategorised by Ben Jones, 1st April 2020

We’ve always been one to keep on top of current market news and insight as a channel agency, but as we enter a period of unprecedented uncertainty, it’s of utmost importance we keep up to date with how consumers behaviours and consumption is changing due to the current situation.

We’ve collated a snapshot of how this is effecting media consumption across as many channels as possible – with the view that these numbers are changing day by day.

So, what does all this mean for advertisers?

As the nation tries to adapt and change as the crisis unfolds day-by-day, the media market is changing, too. Although audience numbers are surging on certain channels, advertising investment forecasts for late q2/early q3 have dropped dramatically as more advertisers are having to re-think their marketing activity.

Media owners are all too aware of the impact that will have on them. Whilst careful not to capitalise on the crisis, some media owners are offering incentivised advertising rates to encourage advertisers to stay active in the market. Others are helping to facilitate date shifts in media plans to help advertisers who need to pull back their activity. These changes are helping to make things easier for advertisers who, like so many of us, have been unable to operate as usual during this time.

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