PR & Brand Communications at We Are Boutique

PR & Brand Communications at We Are Boutique

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Posted In: Hidden by weareboutique, 1st January 2014

With the lines between PR, SEO and content increasingly blurred, our PR offering is designed to make sense of this changing landscape through one integrated approach.


Blending our PR skills with our SEO and content marketing expertise enables us to develop a communications strategy that will both build a brand and engage influencers, but also help deliver return-on-investment through increased search engine visibility, traffic and conversions.


If you’re looking for PR agency that won’t sit in a silo and can offer joined-up thinking across all online and offline media, then we’d love to hear from you.


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10 million reached | 81 pieces of coverage secured | Inbound link generation


Selling security products to those who own few luxury goods can be a challenge – when it comes down to it, most people can’t afford a Rolex, let alone enough to fill a safe. Our messaging focussed on the emotional value of irreplaceable heirlooms.

Carrying out research around the public’s changing attitudes towards photographs and keepsakes, broadcast and print sell-in positioned Safe as the experts on security in a way that was relatable and compassionate.

This enhanced the brand’s recent rebrand, and communicated a clear point of difference for the brand, in a market led by tech and security messaging from larger brands.



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