Strategic Media Planning & Buying

Strategic Media Planning & Buying

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Posted In: Hidden by weareboutique, 1st January 2014

We apply best practise to planning and buying, led by a bespoke strategic framework that is governed by one objective: helping you to grow. We believe creative thinking and collaboration lead to better results.


As an independent agency, we’re not tied to specific media owners and channels, so we can trade all our media line by line. This allows your objectives, not our bottom line, to drive your campaign strategy. The result is that we buy the spots and channels that will add measurable value to your business.


What We Do?



Being an independent agency, we have the freedom and flexibility to trade media transparently. Unlike network agencies, we’re not tied to restrictive agency deals, meaning we only book the campaigns that will work for you, not for us. We’re media neutral, we’re not limited by channel mix, and we put client objectives and KPIs at the forefront of our media offering.



We put strategy at the heart of our media approach, complementing our broader range of services across paid, owned and earned communications. We work closely with the country’s biggest media owners to ensure we’re targeting the right audience at the right time, driving meaningful growth across each of your brand’s touchpoints.


Media Planning & Buying

We have in-house tools for planning, audience profiling and consumer insights, so we can really get under the skin of your target audience. These tools also allow us constantly monitor performance, optimising and analysing campaigns to ensure we’re delivering meaningful business growth at maximum efficiency.


Client Service

We are service focused and KPI obsessed, so client objectives are at the very core of what we do. As an integrated agency, our full-service offering means we integrate reporting, market updates, and industry insights whilst provide constant support and strategy throughout.


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